Director Engineering

Prof. Dharmendra Singh, Ph.D.

Director – Engineering

Message form Director Engineering

Welcome to Sanskar Educational Group, an institution which aims to produce promising and bright young technocrats and managers by imparting quality technical and management education.

SEG has crossed many milestones in its journey of academic and professional excellence and has created a coveted niche in the community of front ranking institutions of northern region. This institute is dedicated to transforming young students into proficient professionals who would be globally successful. Our students gain skills that prepare them to assume leadership role in the engineering fields. SEG offers holistic and well researched curriculum aimed at providing the best of services in the field of engineering. A key strength of the institute is its ability to respond to the needs and interests of students and employers by providing them with special training programs to suit various branches of Engineering.

Advent of the global economic order, rapid rate of technological advancement and the information highway have all opened up new opportunities and challenges in the education scenario. With the current boom in the economy, the demand for qualified technical and management professionals have begun to show an upward trend. Our Institute’s collaborations with industry and strategic alliances with some of the renowned companies and MNCs have resulted in successful placement of our students in reputed companies. Some students have already emerged as successful entrepreneurs.

Choosing an institution of higher professional learning is the first stepping stone in the career paths of students. We assure that through our all-inclusive approach and high internal capabilities, we shall develop perfect careers for aspirants.

"I invite students to this Institute for a true learning experience with assurance that they will graduate as thorough professionals and integral human beings."